Shows on Netflix for Real Estate you must watch

Shows on netflix for real estate

Are you looking for some interesting real estate shows on Netflix to binge on during the evenings? There is a lot of real estate-related content being developed by Netflix. Here are the top real estate-related television programs available for streaming right now, whether you’re a real estate investor or not.

The world’s most extraordinary homes: This miniseries of documentaries was the first available on BBC before getting picked up by Netflix. Piers Taylor, an award-winning architect, and Caroline Quentin, a real estate entrepreneur, spend two seasons traveling the world searching for homes with distinctive architectural styles. The show focuses on houses created in complex or unusual sites and how their architecture makes them adaptable to their surroundings.

Tiny house nation – A reality program, this long-running series debuted in 2014 on the FYI network. It centers on home improvement specialists John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin as they tour the United States assisting people in creating the ideal tiny home, a dwelling smaller than 500 square feet. After its fifth season, the show ended, and in 2019, Netflix started to stream it.

Selling Sunset: With five seasons under its belt, Selling Sunset follows a group of real estate brokers as they close high-end real estate deals in Los Angeles. Drama abounds within and outside the office, with disputes over property listings and who said what to whom. The bright Hollywood Hills serves as the background for multimillion-dollar escrows, on and off friendships, tearful breakups, will-they-won’t-they tensions, office politics, and vegan empanadas. Although the Oppenheim Group’s cast of characters represents famous clients like French Montana and clients who purchase properties for themselves like Chrishell after a divorce, they nevertheless achieve an astonishing amount of remarkable listings.

Grand designs: As people self-build their dream homes, host Kevin McCloud follows them, frequently emphasizing construction, contemporary architecture, energy efficiency, optimizing space, and using the views. Expect individuals who redefine “DIY,” elevating self-building to new heights with unrelenting ambition from beginning to end.

Marriage or Mortgage:  A Netflix original series called “Marriage or Mortgage” debuted in 2021. In this reality program, a wedding planner and a real estate agent compete for couples’ affection and financial support. Each couple must determine if they would prefer to spend their money on a picture-perfect wedding or preserve their budget for the construction of their dream home.

Stay here: Stay Here is a Netflix original series premiered in 2018. The series focuses on American homeowners who desire to upgrade and modify their properties for short-term rentals to turn them into profitable investments. Eight episodes make up the first season, where interior designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate agent Peter Lorimer deal with various homes, including beach houses, houseboats, brownstones, and cottages.

Million Dollar Beach House: In 2020, Million Dollar Beach House, a Netflix original series, debuted. The show centers on a group of young, aspirational luxury real estate brokers who work for Nest Seekers International, a global residential and commercial brokerage. The program follows the agents through marketing and selling multi-million dollar luxury properties in the Hamptons.

These real estate shows on Netflix highlight how fascinating the real estate industry can be, from tiny homes and home decor to luxury properties in the Hamptons. Additionally, they provide everyday people with insight into the daily lives of real estate brokers. 



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