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Over the years the city of Pune has become one of the sought out cities to live in India. The graph of real estate properties in Pune is witnessing an upward graph. A large number of local, national and international real estate developers have commercial projects developing in Pune. Owing to the expansion of the city, the commercial properties in Pune has also attracted great demand from real estate developers. This has also boosted the trend of investing in commercial properties in office spaces and retail spaces- shops, restaurants, etc.

Every major suburb of Pune has one or the other prominent commercial shop for sale and the demand is still rising. Every day new commercial projects with office spaces and shops are being added to the development.
The IT and software business is flourishing in Pune city and many businesses along with investors have turned their heads towards buying a commercial shop in Pune. The decision of buying a commercial property in Pune could be one of the best decisions for your future.

One of the convincing factors to buy one of these commercial shops for sale in Pune is its ability to give you a higher return on investment. Any commercial office space or shop is expected to see an annual rental yield of a minimum of 10%. Goel Ganga’s Sangria, Mohammadwadi/NIBM Annexe, and Ganga Trueno at Viman Nagar promise great appreciation in the future. Also, the current trend of rent appreciation is heavily influenced by the type of property, location, and the time of purchase. Both Mohammadwadi and Viman Nagar are booming with commercial opportunities.

A premium commercial space in Pune could yield you a yearly appraisal of 10-15%. Broad elements must be considered when buying a commercial shop including the location, quality of construction, age of the property, amenities provided, and its present condition. The investor can also take the help of a reputed real estate developer to understand which commercial projects are worth investing in.  Also, the vacancy risk for commercial office spaces is much less and commercial properties are leased for longer terms.

To buy a commercial space in Pune and then renting it would assure there is a continuous influx of cash in your account. The chances of your investment going averse are very low in Pune.

Buying a commercial property in Pune will surely lead you to a profitable venture. Mohammadwadi and Viman Nagar are affluent areas and any commercial space venture will yield a positive result. Both Sangria and Ganga Trueno are designed keeping modern-day requirements in mind.
If the world-class infrastructure is what you seek, you may want to invest in any of these two commercial spaces. These commercial projects give you an opportunity to set your foundations right and to experience a world-class work environment. This is the right time to invest in any commercial property for sale in Pune. As days go by, the desire to own a commercial space is expected to earn three folds.

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