NIBM Road Pune
Real Estate Investment

Ten reasons to buy a home in Pune’s NIBM Road

The NIBM Road in Pune has now become a sought-after location. Let’s look at why this neighborhood is so popular among real estate Pune investors and property purchasers. The region has the required infrastructure, making it suitable for living. A proper traffic management system and …

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real estate technology
Real Estate Lifestyle Trends

How is Prop-Tech shaping the future of real estate?

Prop-tech, or property technology, refers to the application of technology in the real estate market. Everything from online real estate technology platforms and apps to …

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Property rights of women
Real Estate Tips

What are the property rights of an unmarried woman?

In India, property inheritance laws are highly complex, which explains the disturbingly large number of pending court cases. It is also the source of much …

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Weekend Getaways near Pune
Around Pune

10 Weekend Getaways Near Pune You Must Visit During Winter

Real estate in Pune and its nearby areas has seen vast growth extensively over the past few years. Pune has pleasant weather throughout the year …

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Gift deed format: Components and details in a deed of gift

A Gift Deed is a document in which a person willingly transfers movable or immovable property to another person. A Gift Deed reduces the likelihood …

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