false ceiling
Real Estate Lifestyle Trends

Pop or False Ceiling – Pros and Cons

Gone are the days of plain and boring ceilings. In today’s times, no home decor is complete without an intricately designed beautiful false ceiling. This type of ceiling not only serves an aesthetic purpose but the less beautiful aspects of construction, like the electrical wirings …

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conveyance deed
Real Estate Investment

All you need to know about Conveyance Deed

Before we move on to the topic of the know-how of a Conveyance deed, it is important to know exactly what this is. Any legal …

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Local Real Estate

Why Co-living is the best option for working professionals in Pune?

Pune is one of the most fastly growing cities and hence, the urbanization of this city is also at its peak and so is the …

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Things to Check in Luxurious Apartments
Home Buying Tips

What to look for in a luxurious apartment ?

Buying a luxurious home for oneself or investing in an upscale apartment, with all the first-class amenities and perks, is a dream that almost everyone …

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Low CIBIL Score
Home Financing

How to get Home Loan with Bad or Low CIBIL Score

A home of one’s own is every person’s dream. Living in rented accommodation can never provide the kind of joy or the financial security that …

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