What To Do If You Have Lost Property Sale Deed


A sale deed is a document that sets a person’s right to a specific piece of property. As the name implies, a sale deed is one of the most important papers to have when a property is intended to be sold or transferred, since it transmits important facts to the purchaser. Considering the document’s importance, there are procedures for obtaining a duplicate copy in the case you have lost property sale deed. The following piece instructs the readers, at the procedure suggested by Mr. Anurag Goel, the Director of operations at Goel Ganga Developments. Who may be the seller of a property, on how to get a duplicate copy of this important document.

Prerequisites to be followed

If the original property sale deed is lost, the owner of a property may get a duplicate deed by paying an indemnity bond. It may be gained by completing the following requirements:

Filing of the FIR

First and foremost, a document loss must be reported by submitting a FIR (First Information Report) with the local police station. This should contain important information such as the document registration number and ownership data. If the police are unable to locate the papers, the individual in question will be awarded a non-traceable certificate, which will be useful when filing for a duplicate copy.

The Supreme Court has instructed that all police stations in the country publish First Information Reports (FIRs) filed by complainants to their respective police or government websites. This will allow the affected individual to check the FIR’s details and status online.

Notification via Print

In addition to submitting FIRs, the petitioner must advertise in two publications (one in local and one in English). The advertising should identify the loss of papers and offer an invitation to file a claim against the property. If no claims are received within the necessary timeframe, a letter from an advocate is required.

Affidavit formulation

When a lost or missing document cannot be discovered within a reasonable length of time, an affidavit must be filed on stamp paper. Following things are mandatory to be included in the affidavit. Facts of the lost property sale deed and other applicable papers must be included in the affidavit. Also it is important that the undertaking must be signed, certified, and registered with a public notary. FIR records and copies of newspaper advertising in the affidavit will be beneficial for the petitioner.

Release a Duplicate Copy

Visit your sub-registrar’s office for a duplicate copy of the sale deed. You need to carry FIR copy and the copy of newspaper advertisement. To obtain a duplicate sale deed a copy of the above affidavit and an application letter will be required . Getting this duplicate Sale Deed is chargeable and this depends on the location. In the future whenever you will be asked for a sale deed for any kind of property work you can use this duplicate sale deed instead of the original one. This duplicate sale deed holds equal value as that of the original one.


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