Smart homes are next in the evolutionary-ladder of residential spaces. Equipped with cutting-edge technology conveniences, these homes make sure that your living is more comfortable, organised, secure and sustainable. These features were previously very expensive and reserved only for home-buyers with deep pockets, but good technology has become more affordable now than ever!


Home-buyers in urban areas are always looking for automation in their homes. Especially in expansive, integrated townships, smart home features are considered an advantage.


Smart Homes Getting Smarter

Even the existing smart-home market is getting ‘smarter’! A few years back, the main security features in a smart-home were, cameras, smart door-locking and surveillance systems. Today, you get features like video door systems, anti-theft sensors, fire and gas detection systems and a lot more. Also, smart homes are now helping us save money with features like energy efficiency monitoring and power-saving features.


Smart Homes in India

In the tier-1 cities of India, the market for smart-homes is increasing at the rate of 15-20%. Also rise in the number of working couples in India is another important factor. Thanks to the dual-income dynamic, smart-homes are now within the reach of the middle income group as well.


Home automation is a necessary feature as it keeps your home safe when you’re not there! Since working couples spend most of their time away from home, this is one feature that cannot be overlooked.


Now, with the advent of smart-phones and apps, you can even control the lighting and temperature of your home using nothing but your phone!


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