Make your home, a sweet home for your loving parents


According to the research, in the near future by 2050 the elderly population is expected to double more than 80 million and most of that growth is happening right now. While some of those people will age in their own homes, others may need extra care or rely on family to help reduce their housing expenses. In a nutshell, your parents might move in with you.

Having your elderly parents move in with you might sound like a daunting task at first, but there are numerous benefits that come with this decision. One of the major benefits is that having your parents with you will significantly lessen your burden about their safety and it will give you the opportunity to spend quality time further. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your elderly parents are safe and comfortable in their new home.

Well-illuminated space

Whether you install a lamp on a nightstand or move a light switch so it’s right by the bed, being able to illuminate the room before your loved ones try to walk around will help reduce the risk of falls. It’s common for older adults to become disoriented in the dark, something that might be a greater concern when they first move in and are unfamiliar with the layout. Also, keep in mind that some of those small turning switches on lamps might be difficult for arthritic hands.

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Clear paths

Spruce up your space for your loved ones and any various accessories to beautify the décor. While they might look great, if it impedes movement, you’ll want to rethink it. Even if you are able to move about freely, walkers or wheelchairs that need extra clearance might find it a little bit inconvenient to fit. Emphasize the statement pieces that won’t impede movement. Or rather, let your loved one take the initiative to decorate according to their taste and requirements.

Add Greenery

Nurturing, caring, and watching green plants grow is a proven mood enhancer. It builds hope and is a great way to relieve stress. Furthermore, it can be a healthy way to spend time. Green is a very soothing color and is pleasing for the eyes. Plants like Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, English Ivy, and Peace Lily act as natural air purifiers while making for great indoors. Don’t forget to place one or two small plants in a spacious bedroom. If there’s an attached balcony area where plants can be kept, that’s even better.


Use Slip-Resistant Flooring

One of the major injury risks to the elderly is posed by unnecessary falls which can, in turn, cause serious complications. In order to avoid this situation, get rid of the smooth tile flooring and use anti-skid flooring techniques such as laminates and wood. Another alternative is to opt for carpeting throughout the room. Try avoiding small carpets and foot rugs as they are prone to cause trip hazards.

Natural Sunlight

Letting an ample amount of sunlight into the room of your elderly parents is vital to maintaining their good health. It also keeps pathogens and molds away, which is very beneficial for people with respiratory problems. Apart from natural lighting, ensure there is a good amount of artificial lighting too. Bedside lamps and dim night lamps can be very convenient while providing them with a sense of safety. Reading lights should be white lights placed around a special area that is designated for reading.

Follow these tips to make your home a safe and beautiful haven for your parents.


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