If you were to calculate the amount of hours you spend in office for a single year – the number would surprise you!


In fact, with an average 40 hour work week by the time you retire at age 65, you would have spent approximately 90,000 hours at your desk.


That’s a long time to spend peering into a screen and making calculations on excel sheets, hence the need for a proper work-life balance to make the most of your personal time.


Here are 5 perks of an improved work-life balance:


Lower stress levels

Striking a balance between your personal work and life relieves you of unnecessary stress that drags you down on the weekdays.


The perks of lowered stress levels are many:


  • More productivity at work
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Improvement in your personal well-being
  • Greater satisfaction at home and work
  • Better ideas and spontaneity in problem solving
  • Improvement in time-management & business acumen


A happier spouse 

Yes, your spouse is your closest team member at home, and one of the first people to be happy when you have a better work-life balance.


Spending more quality time at home means your spouse will be happier and this translates into a more rewarding marriage for you.


You don’t miss out on your children’s early years

Balancing your work-life gives you more time for the greatest joy on this planet, watching your children grow! When you have more time to spend at home, you get the much needed time to bond with your kids – be it helping them with homework, taking them to the park, reading them a bedtime story or teaching them how to ride a bike.


You get to enjoy the little joys in life

Never overlook the little joys in life, they can sometimes be the most rewarding. With a better work & personal life balance you’ll find those few extra minutes of the day that’s needed for the smaller joys of life.


Enhanced Goal Attainment

Having a better work and personal life balance frees your mind of unnecessary distractions and helps you attain your goals faster both at work and at home.


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