How to Make Your Bedroom a Stress Free Zone

A bedroom is a place where we relax and finish our day. It’s a place where stress shouldn’t exist at all! But thanks to our work and city-life, that doesn’t always happen. And a stressed mind is the root cause of many psychological as well as physical disorders.


However, along with things like exercise and a healthy diet, even the setting inside your home can help get rid of stress – especially your bedroom!


Keep fresh flowers

Many studies have shown that fresh flowers help in making offices spaces more relaxed. The same philosophy can work in your bedroom too as flowers have a way of making interiors feel more pleasant.


Note: Don’t forget to change them after 2 days.


Shift your TV to the living room

Electronics can over-stimulate our senses, especially television and computers. Most people have the habit of watching TV before sleeping. This habit can hurt your eyes and even disrupt your sleeping pattern in the long run.


Get the right scent 

This comes straight from ‘aromatherapy’. Did you know that a good scent can reduce your stress levels? Reduced stress levels can be achieved with the help of scented candles and essential oils. Try and avoid room fresheners as they may contain harmful chemicals.


Move in the art and memorabilia

If you’ve got a lot of empty wall space in your bedroom, then you should line up some paintings, family photographs or posters – personalise the wall. It is always good to sleep and wake up to positive ideas/memories.


Pick blue for your walls

Blue colour has a calming effect on nervous system. Long exposure to blue colour can result in the lowering of your heart rate and even your blood pressure.


A ‘blue’ setting also helps in getting good sleep.


So go ahead, try out the tips above mentioned and take the first step towards a stress-free living.


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