Effective ways to battle the COVID-19 stress

battle the COVID-19 stress Effectively

If you are fighting with stress, fear and anxiety amid the COVID-19 pandemic, know that you are not alone! The safety norms for social distancing nearly affects every aspect of our lives, right from finances, relationships, transportation, jobs and healthcare. To reduce the spread of Corona virus in our communities social distancing is our safest and best bet right now. But the strict self-isolation rules and other safety regulations can take a toll on your mental health causing you anxiety and stress.

Here are some effective ways in which you can battle the COVID-19 stress from home!

Create a morning routine

A proper morning routine can really help you feel more productive and positive when you are stuck at home. As a part of your morning ritual, wake up at the same time every day and engage yourself in exercising, showering, meditating, journaling, cleaning your home or cooking a healthy breakfast for you and your family. You will feel fresh and positive in no time!

Do virtual meetups or play dates

Make the most of the technology that you have available like Zoom, Skype, Face Time, Google Meet etc. to virtually connect with your friends and loved ones. You can even arrange virtual play dates for your kids when they are missing their friends from school or best friend from across the neighborhood. In line with the current scenario, this is the best option to stay connected with your dear ones. It will not make you feel that you are alone.

Follow a daily self-care ritual

Exercise, meditation, walking outside, reading, taking a bubble bath, painting, journaling, and gardening, cooking a healthy meal or enjoying a favorite hobby are great ways to indulge in self-care. Choose one activity and do it at the same time each day. It will make you feel rejuvenated and will anchor your day at the same time.


Hands down, meditation is the best way to calm your mind and body and soul. It helps you maintain your sense of control as you focus on your breath or phrase. It also activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which is an antidote to fear.


Encourage everyone around you

It is difficult to do so when you are stuck in a spiral of negativity, but actively encouraging your friends and family is really crucial. It is possible that someone is going through the same phase as you are in or even worse. You don’t have to stay victims and have to realize that you are helping to change the environment for the better. By sending positive messages out into the world, you’ll not only affect those around you, but those words will come back to you.

Limit news and media consumption

Due to constantly checking your news-feeds and seeing bad news everywhere, it automatically creates a negative aura around you, causing you anxiety and stress. If you will limit yourself from checking the news to once or twice a day or turning off news alerts, you will feel less anxious.

The pandemic has definitely taken a toll on our mental and physical well-being, but remember that we are all in this together. Follow these simple ways to battle the COVID-19 stress if you are undergoing stress or anxiety and you will feel the positive difference instantly. Stay home and stay safe!


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