The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, often known as RERA, was passed in order to protect home buyers’ interests and improve openness in the real estate industry. If you are experiencing difficulties with a real estate project and want to register a complaint with RERA, this step-by-step guide by the founder Mr. Subhash Goel director of Goel Ganga Developments, respectively, guides through the procedure.

Filling Out the RERA Complaint Form:


  • Visit the RERA Website:

Go to the official RERA webpage for your state or union territory. Each area has its own RERA authority, and the complaint form can typically be located on their websites.

  • Download the Complaint Form:

Discover and download the RERA complaint form. This document usually requires your personal information, project specifics, and a thorough explanation of the problem.

  • Provide Accurate Information:

Complete the form correctly, making sure that all the information is complete and precise. Any errors or insufficient information may cause delays in the processing of your complaint.

Prior to filing a complaint with RERA, carefully identify the nature of the complaint. Only projects registered with Real Estate Regulation Act can be the subject of a complaint. So check first if your project is registered on RERA or not. The parties, who are filing the complaint online, should supply the following details:

  1. Please include the building number, wing number, flat number, shop number, and unit number, as well as a list of all joint owners’ names.
  2. Total consideration value (in rupees).
  3. Money paid until date
  4. Date of allocation or booking
  5. Date of agreement (if applicable)
  6. Date of possession in the agreement (if applicable)
Submission of Complaint to RERA:

Many RERA authorities provide online filing options. Upload the completed complaint form and any supporting papers to the specified site.

If online submission is not possible, submit a physical copy of the complaint form and supporting papers to the RERA office.

RERA Complaint Assistance
  • Obtain Legal assistance: If the procedure is complicated or involves legal complexities, obtain legal assistance to ensure your complaint is submitted legally.
  • Follow Up: Check the progress of your complaint on the RERA website or contact the authority for updates. Follow-ups that are timely can help speed up the resolution process.
RERA Dispute Resolution:
  • Actively engage in any hearings scheduled by the RERA authorities. Present your argument, submit proof, and participate in the settlement process.
  • Accept whatever decision you make gracefully, regardless of its outcome. RERA guidelines are legally binding, bringing an end to the debate.

Filing a complaint with RERA can be a tedious procedure, but understanding the stages is critical for a successful resolution. By adhering to the rules outlined above and being thorough in giving accurate information, you maximise the odds of having the problems efficiently handled through the Real Estate Regulation Act complaint procedure. Remember, RERA is intended to safeguard your rights as a homebuyer and promote openness in the real estate industry.


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