Celebrate Diwali in Pune: Your One-Stop Shopping Guide


Diwali, the festival of lights, joy, and prosperity, is widely celebrated in the country. One of the most anticipated and significant festivals in India A time of the year when homes and public spaces get adorned with vibrant lights, oil lamps, and colourful rangoli.

Meanwhile, festivals come with shopping, and Diwali is known for shopping for many decorative items to adorn homes and also getting its own festive look as you’re a resident of Pune, a heaven for shopaholics. Come, let’s have a look at the shopping hubs to shop for the festival Diwali. Also for all those people who are planning to buy a new home or any real estate property, Diwali is considered as one of the most auspicious festivals in India.

Light Market

Pune’s “light market” is referred to as Tapkir Galli. Located in the charming alleyways of Budhwar Peth, this market boasts the most exquisite and modern lighting options, including geometric lights, edgy waterfalls, and the timeless traditional jhumar. The important thing to remember is that purchasing from these stores at this market will result in substantial price savings. It is renowned for offering lights at a competitive price.

Tulsi Baugh

Undoubtedly, Tulsibaugh is the city’s most popular place for shopping on special occasions.Diwali brings with it a whole new vibe to the Tulsibaugh street market, which offers amazing accessories all year long. The market is overflowing with an incredible array of ethnic jhumkas, payals, bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles, bindis, hair accessories, and much more as you approach from the Vishrambaug Wada end, which starts directly at the entrance. Tulsibaug has some less expensive alternatives for festive wear, even if Laxmi Road has a greater selection and higher caliber of apparel.

In the center of Tulsibaugh, the famous Ram Mandir is surrounded by a plethora of small shops selling metal artifacts. These range from diyas in various sizes made of brass, bronze, copper, and other metals to idols of deities like Shiva, Ganesha, and Laxmi.

Ravivar Peth

There are many different types of lanterns available, including jute/wicker lanterns with LED lights and rotating motors, as well as star-shaped and conventional kandil lanterns. To add a little sass to your Laxmi poojan, you may even purchase puja thalis attached to blinking LED lights. Diyas adorned with zari, sequins, and studs and painted in a variety of vibrant colours as well as torans and wall hangings adorned with faux flowers, studs, and beads, It also has all possible rangoli colours. Ravivar peth in Pune is also famous for all festive decor items. You will get artificial garlands, diwali decoration items, jewellery, cosmetics in a wholesale price. Even though this market is known as Ravivar peth the fact is it remains closed on Sundays.

Kumbhar Wada

Kumbhar Wada, an old town in Pune, Maharashtra, is well-known for its clay and pottery making. It’s been to the right location when you need lanterns or mitti ke diyas (clay lights) in that vicinity! Kumbhar Wada is well known for its talented potters. They make a wide range of clay goods, such as lanterns and traditional lamps.

Perhaps you can discover the tiny locations and winding alleyways of Kumbhar Wada. Here local artists make exquisite clay lanterns and lamps. These items are usually handmade and ideally suited for festivals, special events, and home décor.

Shagun chowk in PCMC

Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation’s (PCMC) Shagun Chowk is a well-known market place with a range of stores offering apparel and lighting. It’s another shopping hub for Diwali in PCMC, where one can get everything from home decor items to clothing shops to get a festive look, as there are a number of shops and stores in and around Shagun Chowk.

Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar

Often referred to as Deccan Gymkhana, this small-scale market is well-known for its food and fruits. Festivals are incomplete without food. So, here comes the shops for food. This is a one-stop shop in Pune that is well-known for its traditional candies, flowers, and gift goods.

Laxmi Road

Laxmi Road, which is in the city’s oldest section, is practically its center. Shanivar peth i.e. laxmi road is one of Pune’s oldest and most well-known markets. It is well-known for its traditional items, which include silk, designer, and Paithani sarees, among others. But there is enough for everyone in this shopping paradise.


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