Waterproof Your Home

The arrival of the Monsoon brings joy and pleasant weather but it can be daunting as well. Issues like clogged roads, water-borne diseases, and the heavy downpour can damage the structure of our home too with leakages, fungus, and other possible defects. Constant contact with water can smear your exterior walls whereas dampness in your interiors can be unpleasant too. We all love rains but some precautionary measures to shield your home can make the season more enjoyable for you and your family. So, here are a few ways in which you can waterproof your home before the monsoon even arrives.

Examine your roof

Excessive water seepage can weaken the ceilings and walls of your home. Look out for leaks, cracked tiles, or openings from where the water could possibly seep in. Also, always keep the places where the water can stagnate clean. Otherwise, it could become a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Water rings or molds on your walls are also a sign of water leakage and need your immediate attention and repair.

Inspect the drainage

You can contact your plumber to examine the drainage system of your home for any blockage or leakage. Gutters and downspouts should be free from any kind of leaves or debris to ensure the smooth flow of rainwater. If there are any rusty spots or dirt on the drainage holes, clean them using sandpaper.

Monitor moisture levels of your home

The bacteria growth in a moist atmosphere can even spoil your expensive wooden furniture, causing them to swell. To avoid it, you can keep camphor or Neem leaves inside your cupboards and wardrobes. They will absorb moisture in no time. To remove the damp smell caused by the rains you can place light-scented candles in your room and at the same time reduce moisture levels to a great extent. Prevent fungus by filling the gaps between your bathroom tiles.

Check electrical wirings and gadgets

Electrical Wiring at Home

Inspect your home for any faulty or loose wiring. Closely check all the electrical sockets and gadget panels for any possible water seepage, loose connections, or naked wires. Before monsoon arrives, get them repaired without fail without the help of an electrician. Also, install a stabilizer to handle power overload which can lead to short circuits and sudden blow-offs. You can even use plastic covers to shield electrical gadgets or appliances. Unplug them when not in use.

Keep the floor carpets away

Due to constant commotion in the home during the rainy season, your floor carpets absorb the dripping water making them dirty and unhygienic. So always keep your floor carpets rolled away in this season to prevent any foul odor and growth of microbes inside your home. Don’t forget to air out the carpets before you store them away and can use polythene sheets to keep them wrapped hygienically.

Safeguard the outdoors of your home

In order to prevent rainwater from entering your home, install sturdy window shades over your balconies or windows. If possible bring your outdoor furniture like garden equipment inside or use a waterproof cover to protect them from getting drenched in rains.

Monsoons bring great comfort from the scorching summer heat and we really look forward to it to enjoy the cool and pleasant weather. But you might have to face unpleasant experiences daily if you are not prepared for the downfall of this season. Follow these precautionary measures and get ready to make the most of this upcoming refreshing season. Share these tips to Waterproof your home with your friends and family too!


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