Understanding the Impact of GST on Construction Materials


A variety of industries, including the construction sector, have seen significant shifts as a result of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) being enacted in India. For both consumers and builders, it is essential to understand the impact of GST on construction materials. The following blog post by Mr. Subhash Goel, the chairman of Goel Ganga Development focusing on the effects of GST on construction materials and the associated tax rates.

Construction Material GST Rates:

An extensive table outlining the GST rates for important building supplies can be found below:

Construction Material GST Rate
Cement 28%
Steel  18%
Bricks and Tiles  5%





Paints and Varnishes


Electrical Fittings






GST’s Effect on Construction Materials
The financial ramifications

Different GST rates on building materials  impact the total cost of construction projects.
Glass and cement are taxed more heavily than other commodities, such as sand and bricks, which are subject to a lower GST rate.

Condensed Tax Structure:

The construction industry’s tax structure is now simpler due to the replacement of several indirect taxes with GST.
As a result, compliance has been simplified, and the tax cascade effect has been lessened.

Credit for Input Taxation (ITC):

By claiming input tax credit on GST paid for supplies and services, builders can lower the tax burden associated with the building process.
To get the most out of ITC, proper paperwork is necessary.

GST Adherence in the Construction Industry:

Building industry suppliers and contractors need to do the following to guarantee seamless adherence to GST regulations:

Registering for GST

Organisations whose yearly revenue exceeds the set level requires GST registration. It is mandatory.

Appropriate Billing

Invoices produced with correct information and HSN numbers  are important for smooth ITC claims processing,

Returns Submission

Maintaining compliance and avoiding fines requires the regular submission of GST returns.

GST rates highly impact on construction materials.  It also affects project costs and compliance needs. Stakeholders in the construction business may effectively navigate the tax-setting process by being educated about the GST rates for specific construction materials and following compliance standards. Keeping up with the most recent GST changes for under construction property  is essential for long-term success and growth in the ever-changing construction industry.


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