Property investment in Pune means different thing to different groups. Women face completely different scenarios when it comes to buying houses. Here’s a look at what guidelines they can follow.


The concept of investment projects in Pune is finding base and catching the fancy of many. As working women, we are constantly engaged in balancing the act of family life and work place challenges. These basics consume so much of our time and energy, that the thought of investments never touches us.  Also, factors like financial illiteracy and gender-wise discrimination in the pay check do not help.


However, you will be surprised to know how easy it is to invest. Being stuck in the details, you’ve probably missed the bigger picture. Property investment in Pune has been reaping staggering monetary benefits to professionals. It is both, a short term as well as long term investment that matures whenever you want it. Here are a few tips you could use to invest in the right way, in the right property:


Homes on the Outskirts: a rising stake

Wakad, Wagholi. Narhe, Akurdi…places on the outskirts of Pune are growing at a crisp pace. The advantage right now is that you can buy homes at comparatively lower prices here. As these are bought only from an investment point of view, you need not look into finer details like the amenities and convenience. Just seek sound construction and you’re good to go. With the rapid development happening in such areas, there will surely be a dynamic appreciation in prices in few years.


Consult an Expert

Financial management is a specialized skill. So don’t feel shy to approach an expert who makes you understand what your liabilities and assets are. Even property sellers come up with neat installment plans considering your incomes. You can divide your earnings in such a way that your daily spendings don’t get affected and you simultaneously pay off the installments on your property. The only column getting marred might be that of savings. But don’t worry, that is getting covered in your investment benefits.


Talk to your Partner

If you’re married or in a relationship, involve your partner in the planning. It might happen that you might require a little financial support in case of an emergency. This can be your fall back plan. Your partner might also help you make choices and come up with suggestions. It is also important to share your financial standing with your partner since you’re essentially living a joint life. Of course, you maintain your individuality in all this.


Define your Financial Goals

As a professional, your financial goals should be well defined. Everyone wants a higher income, bigger houses and expensive automobiles. But you must ponder on what your individual needs are. In what ratio will your salary grow, would you be switching jobs, would your job location change…there are many factors to consider. Your investment should essentially fit into this context. It defines how much can you invest and this gives you an early picture of your potential benefits.


Very few builders have considered that there constructions can be investment projects in Pune for women. Goel Ganga developers, with a wide range of residential and commercial complexes in Baner, Wagholi, Undri, Dhanori, Vishrantwadi and many other areas, understand this. There premium range offers affordable installment plans and exclusive amenities. It is the right place for women to invest in Pune.


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