5 Pocket-Friendly Ways To Make Your Home Look More Elegant

Who said you need to have a big budget to decorate or redecorate?

All you need is a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, and you’ll be coming home to an elegant, magazine-worthy home.


Here are 5 inexpensive ways to give your home a facelift:


1. Add potted plants to your living room

A little green goes a long way! Place potted plants in the corners of your room – if it’s small enough, you can even place one in the centre of your coffee table.


2. Hang up a mirror

Pick an oversized mirror with an elegant rustic wooden frame for your living room. This will serve 3 purposes:

a. It will make your living room seem larger

b. It will reflect light and the freshness of your plants

c. It’s an inexpensive alternative to purchasing art


3. Add some colour with throw pillows

A pop of colour instantly refreshes your room, but you don’t want the entire space to look like a rainbow! Bring in colour with elegance by adding throw pillows in solid colours or vibrant prints.


4. Display groups of candles

This may seem like it won’t work, but candles look best when grouped together. Set down a few similar ones on a tray on your coffee table or by the window for a rustic feel.


5. Hang Up DIY Artwork

Whoever said art work is expensive? Collected pictures from your favourite magazine along one theme – wildlife, cities of the world, fashion and such – and display in a collage of frames.


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