The new world has everything to offer, shopping malls, ultra-luxurious office spaces, sky scraping residential towers, but not enough greenery. Nevertheless, we can do our bit, by making our homes greener. Surprisingly, it does not require too much of expenditure or remodeling of the structure. We present to you a series of blogs which are full of ideas to make your home environment-friendly. This one is concerned with conservation of water.


The first scarce resource which desperately awaits a green revolution is water. With some simple measures, we can save plenty of water at our homes. The amount saved everyday by every household, can be recycled and reused.


A low-flow toilet can save approximately 12-15 liters of water with every flush. Any amount of water flushed is direct wastage of clean water which can be used for bathing or cleaning the house. Saving flush water can give you extra litres for use.


Use aerators in water-taps to get non-splashing stream of water which will cut on wastage. Taps which have motion-sensors installed usually work in favour of saving water. If you don’t have motion-sensitive taps, aerators can help to streamline running water and save spillage.


Get set go with the GREENATHON!


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