It all started from the electric fish! In ancient ages all that people knew as electric was a fish! Electricity has traveled ages to reach your home in the way it exists today. But it might not be able to go farther if we ignore the importance of saving electricity!

Innovation has brought a variety of appliances which make our lives easy. Fortunately or unfortunately, all these appliances run on electricity. And no one wants to live in dark ages. It is better to start conserving this asset as early as possible. And you can begin from your home, without any exorbitant expenses!

Focus on the lighting in your flat. Research says that, more than 80% of the energy generated by most normal light bulbs is heat rather than light. This is a huge waste of electricity & money. This excess heat increases the room temperature which leads to increased use of fans or air conditioners. Using energy-efficient LED bulbs can save you from these unnecessary expenses. These appliances last a lot longer and save you as much as two-thirds of the electricity you normally use for lighting your home.

Using washing machines, air-conditioners, televisions and all such electrical appliances which have energy-efficient ratings is a one-time investment to save additional expenses. Replacing conventional devices with those that run on alternate energy can also be a good idea. Solar lanterns, inverters, battery chargers and such other appliances are cost-effective alternatives.

Get Set Go with GREENATHON!


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