The bright and cheerful festive season is round the corner, and the city is brimming with lights and decorations to welcome Christmas and the New Year.


If you’re looking to spruce up your home for the winter festivities, DIY is the way to go. These ideas are quick and to implement and are easy on the pocket because you’re using things from around the house to decorate your space.


Here are some easy DIY home décor ideas for the Christmas season:


1. DIY Christmas tree: There are many ways in which you can set up a Christmas tree in your home.


 – A stack of books: Stack up a bunch of books and magazines so that they mount to resemble the shape of a Christmas tree. You can then decorate this stack with lights.


 – Using wooden ladders: You can use a couple of mid-length wooden ladders so as to recreate the shape of a conical tree. Decorate your ladder-tree with lights and ornaments.


 – Lights on the wall: Use multiple strings of LED lights and stick them to the wall to create the shape of a Christmas tree.


2. DIY Christmas lights: This time of the year is all about the lights and decorations. Here’s how you can give the lights in your home a festive twist:


Take a clean and empty glass jar and line it with some glue all around the inside. Next, sprinkle some glitter inside the jar so that it attaches itself all around. Insert a candle into the jar and light it up for the perfect festive light. Place such jars with candles all around the house.


3. DIY Christmas decorations: Nothing spells Christmas as beautifully as decorative dry branches. Collect a bunch of dry branches and hang them up around the house. You could also place them in flower vases. Decorate these branches with paper stars, LED lights and ornaments for the perfect Christmas vibe.


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