How you should attract birds to your Terrace Garden & why to do it?

Since most of you are spending your maximum time at home (because of Pandemic) might as well just find ways to connect with the natural world. A good way to make your mundane routine cheerful is by watching a beautiful flock of birds chirping in your terrace garden. The birds will stop at your garden but they won’t stick around for very long. If you want to attract more birds then you need to provide all the luxuries they’ve come to expect. There are various ways by which you can attract birds to your terrace garden.

Select the right Plants

To attract birds to your terrace garden it is extremely necessary to pick the right flowers and plants whose colors and scents will allure them. In fact, aromatic herbs would be perfect. Planting trees and shrubs in your terrace garden will also provide shelter to the birds and make them feel at home.

Place Artificial Nests

You can welcome the birds and encourage them to procreate by placing artificial nests in your garden. You can provide hedges with a dense cover so that they feel it’s an actual nest.

Source your own birdseed

Buy bird food from reputable sources that your local birds will prefer. The seeds can provide the required levels of energy to them as they have been grown in the environment while keeping all the necessities in mind.

Avoid bad food

Don’t just put out peanuts, don’t buy multi-purpose pet food, and don’t feed the birds bread in large quantities as it isn’t nutritious and is an empty filler. If you do, try to only put out breadcrumbs that are soaked and not stale. Avoid providing sugary treats and cooked oats, which can dry and solidify around beaks.

Install a birdbath

Urge your birds to see your terrace garden as a one-stop-shop for their daily routine. Placing a freshwater bowl or the bathtub for the birds is another great idea to attract them. The water tub and other accessories let the birds play and relax in the water.

Benefits of attracting birds to your terrace garden

Bird watching is relaxing and is very much enjoyable. While birds are delightful, they have much more to offer than aesthetics. Here are some reasons how attracting birds is beneficial for your terrace garden.

Pest Control

If you are looking for a completely natural way to control pests and insects in your terrace garden then attracting the birds is your best bet. They eat a vast variety of insects like mosquitoes, spiders, and other bugs that can destroy your garden. Thus, it will reduce your need to use pesticides which will save your garden from harmful exposure.

Pollination of Plants

As birds move between plants, trees, and bushes, some species act as pollinators by moving pollen from one flower to another. Pollination plays a vital role in producing fruit and seeds. While this process is often credited to bees and butterflies, there are various types of pollinators, including hummingbirds, sunbird, and other types.

Control Garden Weeds

Another benefit of birds in the garden is that they prevent and contain weeds by eating the seeds before they even sprout.

Teaches us the importance of nature

Attracting birds to your garden provides the opportunity to observe and learn about local wildlife. Introduce your kids to the excitement of nature and how active it is while you spend time together studying the movements, the types of birds, and their eating habits during each season.


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