10 Wall Décor Ideas To Liven Up A Blank Space In Your Room

A blank wall makes for the perfect canvas to bring to life your décor ideas. If you’re looking to spruce up a blank space on your walls, here are some interesting décor ideas to try.


1. Reflective wall: Catch the light with a beautifully framed statement mirror on the wall.


2. Textured artwork: A textured wallpaper in a neutral colour works well with the other décor pieces in your room.


3. Statement fireplace: Build an elegant fireplace in the centre of the wall to focus the attention on this classic décor statement.


4. Patterned headboard: A patterned headboard for your bed, placed against the centre of the wall, can serve as the décor highlight of the room.


5. Framed quotes: Print out and frame your favourite quotes or sayings in a beautiful font and hang them up on the wall in a neat pattern.


6. Eclectic wall art: From a large, quirky and brightly coloured painting to a strategic hodgepodge of small frames of artworks, go all out with eclectic wall art.


7. Antique plates: Hang up your collection of antique ceramic plates or bowls on the wall.


8. Gold frames: Encase all your photographs and wall art in a classic gold frame to add a rich feel to the wall.


9. Minimalist bookshelf: Minimalist white shelves against the wall can be used to display a handful of books and some elegant décor items.


10. Split photograph: Enlarge in high quality and split a photograph into three large frames and place them side-by-side on the wall.


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