geography of pune
Real Estate Investment

Geography of Pune and its impact on Real Estate Development

Pune is known as the Queen of Deccan because of its historical, political, social, and cultural importance as well as due to its picturesque surroundings in the  Deccan. The past few years have seen the massive transformation of the city as far as real estate …

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Get a Home Loan Approved
Real Estate Tips

4 effective tips to get a home loan approved instantly

It is the dream of every person to own a home. A place to call ours is a fantasy that every human being has. Today, …

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Real Estate Tips

How to deep clean your bathroom to keep it fresh and clean

A bathroom that smells nice and is sparkling clean and shining is something that every human being, even one with the least insistence on aesthetics, …

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Real Estate Lifestyle Trends

Make your home, a sweet home for your loving parents

According to the research, in the near future by 2050 the elderly population is expected to double more than 80 million and most of that …

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Local Real Estate

Why you should buy a home in Baner?

If one is to name the most happening locales in the western side of Pune, it’s likely that Baner will surely top the list. A …

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