Home Loan related certificates
Home Financing

Different types of Home Loan related certificates

Home Loans are not just one of many financial services, but a lifetime earning and an uncanny dream for many families to turn into reality. It is important to take all required precautions for a safe and secure Home Loan procedure. There are many necessary …

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Marble and Granite
Real estate architecture

Tips to choose between Marble and Granite

Being two of the most admired surfacing, it’s a never-ending debate on choosing between Marble and Granite. Both the surfacing are mostly used for flooring, …

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living in a gated commuity
Home Buying Tips

Why living in a gated community is beneficial?

A gated community is enclosed within walls or fences that are well guarded and maintained, entirely different from a residential community. There are several benefits …

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false ceiling
Real Estate Lifestyle Trends

Pop or False Ceiling – Pros and Cons

Gone are the days of plain and boring ceilings. In today’s times, no home decor is complete without an intricately designed beautiful false ceiling. This …

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conveyance deed
Real Estate Investment

All you need to know about Conveyance Deed

Before we move on to the topic of the know-how of a Conveyance deed, it is important to know exactly what this is. Any legal …

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