Property rights of women
Real Estate Tips

What are the property rights of an unmarried woman?

In India, property inheritance laws are highly complex, which explains the disturbingly large number of pending court cases. It is also the source of much confusion regarding the intellectual property rights of women. Hence, understanding the foundations of unmarried women’s property rights in India is critical.  …

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Weekend Getaways near Pune
Around Pune

10 Weekend Getaways Near Pune You Must Visit During Winter

Real estate in Pune and its nearby areas has seen vast growth extensively over the past few years. Pune has pleasant weather throughout the year …

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Gift deed format: Components and details in a deed of gift

A Gift Deed is a document in which a person willingly transfers movable or immovable property to another person. A Gift Deed reduces the likelihood …

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federal society Vs housing society
Residential Real Estate

Federal Society vs. Housing Society – what’s the difference?

Federal Society vs. Housing Society – what’s the difference? A federal society is an apex society affiliated with central or primary organizations. A Co-operative Housing …

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Real Estate News
Indian Realty Market Trends

Top newspapers & magazines to get Real Estate News in India

This list of top newspapers and magazines in India will keep you updated about all the Real Estate News. This news should be trustworthy. Many …

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