Real estate architecture

Smart ways to do partitions in your room without a wall

Many of you love the bright & spacious feel of your room but have you ever thought of utilizing that extra space for different purposes? Likewise, if you are living in a shared space or a rented home, you can have more privacy by introducing …

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Waterproof Your Home
Real Estate Tips

Best ways to waterproof your home

The arrival of the Monsoon brings joy and pleasant weather but it can be daunting as well. Issues like clogged roads, water-borne diseases, and the …

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make your home Kid-Friendly
Real Estate Lifestyle Trends

5 Tips to make your home Kid-Friendly

A home is a haven for kids, so it’s important that you ensure that it’s safe for them. For soon-to-be parents, it can be overwhelming …

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Real Estate Lifestyle Trends

Sustainable ways of Waste Management System

Waste management has become a matter of major concern across the globe due to the effect it has on our environment. Over 62 million tonnes …

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Real Estate Lifestyle Trends

Budget-friendly tips to make Aesthetic Home

Everyone has a dream to set up their home while giving it a certain kind of look and feel. An “aesthetic home” is one that …

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