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Separating Fact From Fiction: 5 Home Buying Myths

Every market in the world has a lot of misconceptions, and the real estate industry is no exception.There are a lot of home buying myths, including ones about credit scores, home inspections, financial stability, and the process itself. Gunjan Goel, director at Goel Ganga Developments¬† …

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Real Estate Investment

Dussehra 2023 : A Perfect Day To Buy A Perfect Home

Dussehra or Vijayadashami is celebrated after the conclusion of the nine-day-long festival of Navratri. Dussehra 2023 will be observed on 24th October (Tuesday) in India. ...
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Real Estate Trends

The Influence of Environmental Regulations on Real Estate Development

Environmental awareness is much more than a trend; it’s a must in the fast changing real estate market of today. Environmental regulations have a big ...
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Real Estate Trends

The Hidden Impact Of Architecture On Your Daily Life

We frequently fail to recognise one significant factor that architecture plays in the moulding of our experiences amid the chaos of daily life. The built ...
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Real Estate Tips

Understanding Real Estate Spaces: Super Area vs. Actual Area Explained

Homebuyers who can distinguish between Super Area Vs Actual Area, will likely be better equipped to make judgments than those who may not be able ...
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