Why Vishrantwadi is the Ideal Location for You

After a long day’s work all I wanted was to make it home. It was my daughter’s first day of school, and I wanted to listen to her tell me all about it. I left the office as soon as possible, eager to get home. But it was not only very far from my office but it also was peak hours, and I could predict heavy traffic. I continued to drive, hoping against hope for some miracle until I spotted a long thread of vehicles at halt. While the traffic moved at snail’s speed, I continued to lose my calm.


After 45 minutes of slow moving, I made it home, over two hours late. I was so weary and frustrated I snapped at my daughter and wife. Sadly, this wasn’t a one-day scene but kept repeating every day.


So I finally made up my mind to move.


As I began house hunting, more than every project around me, I looked for locations with the signs of best real estate investment in Pune. After lots of research and site-visits, I decided to pick the perfect area in Vishrantwadi.


With Vishrantwadi being well connected throughout Pune, the concerns I had about my long commute home disappeared. It shared borders with areas like Khadiki, Lohegaon and Yerwada which made it undeniably the best area to invest in Pune.


With Rising real estate projects in Pune, this area played host to some impressive residential projects. After scouring the landscape, I booked my new home in Goel Ganga’s Kalash right in Vishrantwadi. It completely solved my problems of connectivity and even came with a host of amenities that would delight my wife and daughter!


Judging by my current experience I am sure my new home will bring me better experiences and help me come home soon and turn my frowns into smiles.


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