Integrated Residential Projects: The New Mantra

Builders are constantly innovating when it comes to developing residential projects in Pune. As there is a cut throat competition going on in the real estate industry in the city, builders are forced to come up with new ideas for each and every project. The new addition to the innovation list is integrated residential projects. This concept has garnered a lot of attention off- late. Let’s see what exactly it offers.


The Concept

Integrated residential projects are smaller versions of integrated townships. Their focus is niche as compared to the townships. You can say that these projects are more serviceable and compact models of living.


Integrated residential projects are built by keeping three important factors in mind- time saving, security and accessibility. Imagine you have bought a home at an integrated residential project and want to go for shopping on a weekend. These projects will save your time as shopping malls will be within the compound of your project. It is the same with healthcare facilities, entertainment zones etc.


For your family’s overall safety this is the place where you should have your new home. There will be schools for your children inside the premises, so that they can enjoy the learning experience without having to face traffic. Also, your child will be safe in the premises of your society even when you are not around. It is similar with your late night parties. All the places are at walking distance in an integrated residential project, making it absolutely safe for every member of your family.


Need of Integrated Residential Projects 

People are fed up of stressful, noisy and polluted life of the central areas of cities. Especially in a city like Pune where central area and adjacent suburbs are filled with population and congested places, people are looking for better alternatives. Integrated residential projects can prove beneficial for them.


Currently in Pune, Goel Ganga Developments have established many integrated residential projects at all corners. Ganga Acropolis at Baner, Fria at Wagholi, Sai Ganga at Undri are a few examples. These projects are seeking good attention and considered to be the future of peaceful living.


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