Ganga Ishanya – A Home To Rich and Famous

Sipping a cup of coffee, you turn on your search engine and start typing Luxury Apartments for Sale on Pune-­Satara Road. As you press enter, you come across Ganga Ishanya that is packaged as a classy community, extending a warm welcome. Won’t you be elated?


Goel Ganga Developments, Ganga Ishanya has changed the skyline of Pune. These condominiums are now trending the search as Luxury Apartments for Sale on Pune­-Satara Road. Boasting of an ideal location, this six acres township is embellished with all the comforts one can dream of. Unique amenities like the basketball court, cricket pitch, 3 level parking, swimming pool and many more give Ganga Ishanya a niche over others.


With 2, 3, 4 and 5 BHK to select from, Ganga Ishanya offers a wide variety of choice. Every apartment here is fabricated with finesse and high­ quality specifications. The lady of the house could spill her cooking charm in the furnished kitchen. One could simply relax under the shower in the beautiful bathroom and cherish sound sleep in the stunning bedroom.


While the finished ceiling and the textured walls stand majestically creating an aura of exuberance. So next time when you search for Luxury Apartments on Pune­-Satara Road for Sale, Ganga Ishanya will automatically catch your eye. Meant for the affluent these homes are indeed an ideal choice.

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