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A home is a haven for kids, so it’s important that you ensure that it’s safe for them. For soon-to-be parents, it can be overwhelming to look around the home to see what changes should be made to make your home Kid-Friendly. First-time parents can quickly get lost in the endless lists of must-have items.

You would be surprised at the fact that it is quite easy for your baby to get into trouble. From kitchen cabinets to outlet covers, here’s how you can make your home Kid-Friendly to make it safe for babies and toddlers.

Keep electrical appliances at bay

Your curious kids can put their hands into almost everything, even into electrical sockets. Cover all your unused electrical outlets with plug protectors to keep your little one from getting an electric shock. When not in use, keep electrical appliances unplugged. Also, make sure there are no electrical cords lying underneath your carpets so that the kids don’t play with them. Some small outlet covers can be a choking hazard if a baby or toddler pries them out of the wall. For double protection, place large furniture in front of electrical sockets. Always keep hair dryers and other electric appliances unplugged and out of your children’s reach.

Watch out for heavy and sharp objects

Keep the heavy objects away from your little one’s reach. Turn over an empty bucket when not in use as it can lose its balance and fall on your kids. Since, your little one likes crawling around the home especially the windows, keep heavy furniture away from it. This prevents children from climbing up on the furniture and falling out of the window. Additionally, keep knives, scissors, and other sharp utensils out of your children’s reach as it can be fatal for them. Cover your furniture edges and corners to prevent injuries.

Baby-proof Homes

Keeping the chemicals in check

The chemicals should be always out of your children’s reach. Cautiously store all your toxic household products, such as cleaning supplies, medicines, and vitamins as it can be hazardous for them. Keep them in their original containers and lock them in a cabinet safely. Store your medicines and cosmetic products also in locked containers where it’s hidden from them.

Lock your doors and cupboards

Once the infant starts crawling and walking, the next fascination for them is to start exploring places and things and have new experiences. It is crucial for us to provide them varied experiences for them to learn and grow but in a risk-free environment. As a parent, one of the things that you can do is to keep the cupboards and doors closed in a way that doesn’t allow your little one to open.

Use gates around stairs

The minute your babies start moving and rolling, it’s time to get those gates out. They are prone to fall from staircases and windows. You can install a gate to the staircases to restrict their entry and preventing any accidents. You can also add stoppers to the windows to put an end to window-related injuries. Setting up tall and sturdy railings in your veranda and balcony will also prevent your babies to go any further. It is absolutely crucial to provide your precious angels with a designated safe space where they can play safely. Keep in mind these baby-friendly steps and safeguard your home.

These are 5 Important Tips from Experts on How to make your home Kid-Friendly.


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