5 Tips to upgrade your Kitchen without any further renovations

Upgrade Your Kitchen

If we asked you to name the room you use the most in your home, our guess is you would say your Kitchen, isn’t it? It’s the heart of your home. The room most used and where your loved ones come together, where you can be inspired to cook healthy meals, and where functional design can make a big difference in your quality of day to day life – and the value of your home. You should upgrade your Kitchen once in a while to give it a fresh and new perspective. If you want to upgrade your Kitchen but are running low on budget, we have 5 tips without you having to spend a fortune or undergoing a major remodel.

Switch out the Hardware

You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to give your old and outdated hardware a new look. Chrome, nickel, and stainless steel finishes will never go out of fashion, but warm metallics offer a much fresh, contemporary look. Warm-up your finishes with a brass option in a sleek, modern shape. Also, there is no need to replace everything all at once, mixed metals are on-trend, too. This will instantly upgrade the look of your kitchen, giving it a trendy touch and it won’t cost a fortune to achieve.

Paint the Cabinets

Yes, painting your cabinets is quite a bit of a hassle, but it is incredibly affordable! It is just the cost of a can or two of paint and some elbow grease if you’re planning on doing it yourself. A fresh coat of paint is always an easy option to update cabinets that are sound and functional but less than lovely looking. Whether you opt for a dramatic kook or soft neutral hues, a couple of coats of paint will absolutely transform the look of the entire space of your Kitchen.

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Add Under-Cabinet Lighting

Give your space some bold look while showing off pretty display pieces. For a contemporary look, choose styles with geometric shapes and patterns and warm metallic finishes. You can find a bunch of options, including LED battery-operated versions that just stick on. It’s a softer lighting alternative than overhead lighting—and it looks especially good at night.

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Splurge on One New Appliance

Financially, it’s a little less intimidating to make heavy purchases like appliances all at one time. Choose whatever you use most or have the most issues with, and swap it out for a newer model. It will make your whole kitchen look and feel a bit newer.

Rethink Your Cabinet Space

If the main reason you’re wishing for a renovation is to gain more storage in your current space, reconsider the cabinets you currently have. New cabinets are the relatively expensive part of any kitchen update. You can anytime minimize your investment by hanging open shelves. The open shelves or glass-door cabinets are the perfect opportunity to upgrade your kitchen. Remove everything from the shelves, and then add decorative items
— keeping everything within a limited color palette as much as possible. We love the look but don’t always have an open wall to add these, so with a Kitchen Refresh, removing the doors from an existing cabinet, and creating a display area in an open cabinet you can have the same effect.

Now, give your kitchen a mini-makeover with these easy, budget-friendly ideas from
updating with lighting, and hardware, to adding prints and patterns and much more! Get
closer to the kitchen of your dreams, without splurging on a renovation!


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