Chennai floods stand as a testimony to the fact that life is unpredictable. A sudden event can destroy your lifetime investment i.e. your house. Isn’t it heart wrenching?

Home insurance is the only way to keep your dream home secure.

Many people contemplate on how important it is to carry an insurance policy on their home because insurance premiums are considered as a significant expense. But this is a hazardous thought. Where would you go if your sweet home is struck by a natural calamity, burglary or man-made disaster? In order to avoid these unforeseen conditions and secure your home of any threat, Home Insurance Policy plays a pivotal role.

Below are a few benefits of buying a Home Insurance:


1. Get content and structure of your home covered.

2. Security from unpredictable circumstances.

3. Policies are available at competitive rates.

4. Live stress-free, as you could rebuild your house easily.

5. With homes insurance families can get back to normalcy as the house could be re-build without shelling out a considerable amount of money.


In India, numerous prestigious institutes offer home insurance. Below are a few tips that can be handy while selecting one for your house:

Evaluate company’s reputation: The most important criteria is how courteous is the company’s staff. Find out whether the insurance company has qualified customer service representatives or not? It is always advisable to zero down on a company that can assist you at any point in time during distress.

Check premium and coverage: First and foremost evaluate risks which your home is facing or might face in the future.While checking coverage, check if the premium fits within your budget or not.

Check claim settlement ratio: Turnaround time stands as a testimonial of a good company. The entire purpose of insurance dissolves if the company does not revert in time. So check the claim settlement record of the enterprises before finalising on one.


In India, Home Insurance is lesser known and considered. But don’t wait for a calamity to remind you the need of buying it, opt for it beforehand!


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