Can this really happen? Can you really find your dream home? We say yes, of course! But there’s just a small exercise that you need to do. Get hold of a pen and notepad or just update your smartphone with a checklist! Here’s a sample:


1) The city, and to be more precise, the locality:

You might want to buy a home in a different city or maybe settle down in the one where you are presently living. In either case, make a list of localities that suits your preference list. Shortlist localities based on your current and future needs. What we mean here is that, the house that you buy, should keep you close to your workplace and your child’s school or college. Imagine your family 10 years later and see if this location will still be relevant.


2) The community:

A home is not just a single brick-and-mortar building but also a part of a bigger ecosystem. This is inclusive of your neighbours, the convenience shops, medical facilities, gym and socializing hubs, such as gardens, cafe, movie theaters and so on. On a day to day basis, one needs to go past all these, and that simply means that your life at this particular homes is going to be influenced by the above elements. Be sure to make a note of the utility and desirability of the ecosystem surrounding your home.


3) The connectivity:

While much information can be derived using the Internet, it is always advisable to do a manual check of the convenience of commute, to and fro your home. It can be a personal choice to live amidst the bustling city or at some distance, in a more quiet & calm environment. But, connectivity remains primary irrespective of the location. To get the bigger picture, try taking public transport to your new home before buying it. And if possible, do this in the evenings to understand the locality better.


4) The features:

Finally, every dream home has to fit into a must-have list. It differs for every individual, but to name a few, internal space, terrace or no terrace, orientation, and such other features are to look for. So make a list of things that you must have in your dream home and we’re sure you’ll find one soon!


To make your task even easier, try out these options.(


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