Why Akshaya Tritiya is the perfect time to buy a home?

Akshaya Tritiya is the most auspicious time to invest in big ventures like gold or property. A lot of aspiring home buyers make their purchase during this time of the year. Builders also come up with many rewarding offers and discounts during Akshaya Tritiya to make the deal sweeter.

If you’re planning tobuy a home, this could be the perfect time to make your purchase even more special. Here’s why:

An auspicious time: 

Akshaya Tritiya marks the beginning of many auspicious occasions as per Hindu mythology: 

It is considered to be the start to the Treta Yug, associated with the birth of incarnations of Lord Vishnu, including Lord Ram, Parasurama and Vamana

The tale of Mahabharata began to be inked by Lord Ganesha and Ved Vyas on this day.

It is also the day when, according to popular belief, the Pandavas discovered buried weapons which helped them achieve victory in the last battle of Mahabharata

Kubera, the custodian of Goddess Laxmi’s wealth and property, received this position on this day.

Akshaya Tritiya is a divine day for the start of any activity, especially for investments and business ventures. Property bought on this day is considered to bring good fortune.

Attractive Offers: 

While the home buyers plan to make the best out of Akshaya Tritiya, the developers also plan to present them with the best of opportunities. To make home buying easier for the buyers, developers come up with exciting offers. On this day, even banks offer cheaper home loans that make home booking easier. 

Property vs. Gold:

Investing in a property is ideal if you are looking for long-term investments. With gold, the returns can fluctuate along with market fluctuations. Property investments also help you gain tax benefits and income tax exemption on home loan repayment.

The above points give clear signs that Akshaya Tritiya makes for the perfect time for home buying.

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∙         Ganga Sangria Residential

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