Property projects in Pune have increased drastically if compared to the situation in the late 80s. A pensioner’s city has now become a capital of the IT industry. It has attracted thousands of professionals from across the country. Many young professionals are looking at Pune as a city where they can settle down with their family and can build their careers.


This attraction resulted into the boom of property projects in Pune. Over the years, the equation of the demand and supply of flats and apartments has completely changed. But even today, property experts feel that there is a scope for the real estate industry to spread its wings across the city.


The above-mentioned facts are important while understanding the property market; actually it is the first step towards identifying the right property market. For an investor, to get high returns on the investments, knowledge of the current real estate scenario and how it will shape in near future is absolutely important. They must consider some basic statistics and facts to go on with their investments.


Now, Property projects in Pune have always attracted many investors. So, if you are looking to invest, then following points might just help take a few steps ahead.


– Check the infrastructural readiness, deadlines of the on- going projects and keep the timeline follow up

– The demand of the project/ area/ builder in the real estate industry

– Average current price, builder’s price on completed as well as on- going projects

– History or track record of prices, according locality, builder and type of the project (commercial/ residential/ mixed)

– Future job opportunities in the city and its impact on locality

– For what purpose people bought the property previously (self-use/ investments)

– What is the averages rent price in the locality (for investment purpose)


The list is unending. Still these factors will help you to understand the property market in Pune. If you go by all these parameters, you will observe Baner,Pashan locality is a good option for the investment purpose while Koregaon Park proves beneficial for both investments and self-use. Goel Ganga Developers offers premium as well as affordable residences in all the property clusters of Pune. If you wish to invest in any of them, visit Goel Ganga Developers.


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