The lullaby, the Panchatantra tales, the pampering and loads of care. This is what a grandparent has in store for the little ones at home. A treasure trove of experience, they are the perfect guardians for the tiny tot. Housing in their heart an immeasurable love, it is said that grandchildren are dearer than the children. They have a strong influence on the children as the working parents find it difficult to take care of the kids and teach them their values. Here is where the grandparents play a pivotal role. They nurture and influence in the following ways –


Family Historian


They have seen and experienced the world. Having dealt with their hardships, they have learned many lessons. This is what makes them a treasure of stories and experience. As the family historian grandparents share the stories from the past, rich with vivid detail of the world.


The stories themselves can be about anything;  relatives, important events, family traditions, the grandparent’s own childhood or the grandchild’s parent growing up. One thing’s for sure; they’ll always be informative and entertaining! As these stories traverse generations, the grandchild begins to understand the process of growing up and finding his place in the family. These tales form the “glue” that carries a family through thick and thin together.


Mentor and Role Model


Whatever you do, your grandparents will always believe in you. Their daily diet to you contains ample amount of motivation and encouragement, sprinkled in with a generous amount of love. Your rocks during a crisis, they play endless roles in our day-to-day lives like the babysitter, the chauffeur, the confidante and the caregiver. Somehow, they always find a balance between appraisal and control.


Playing the crucial role of the mentor, they teach life lessons, share skills and talents, listen to the grandchildren and provide whatever advice they need. The perfect role models, they are living examples of the positive outcome of hard-work, dedication and family loyalty. The level of influence they have can be seen from the ways the kids imitate their grandparents.


Mate, Magician and Super Hero


Full of enthusiasm, Grandparents whoever the grandchildren need them to be. They spend a lot of time reading books, playing games, and sharing mutual interests with their grandchildren. Do you remember the tricks your grandparent played, and you asked amusingly “How did you do that?”


Finally, they influence the tender minds and heart by making the little ones feels protected and taken care off. Such is their effect that they are truly invaluable to family life and the growing grandchildren. Being the absolute epitome of selflessness, they live every day for the smiles of the faces of the little ones.


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