So you’ve decided to purchase a new home – that’s only the first big decision you’ll make!


The most important decision to make when buying a home – whether to live in or as an investment – is the location.


Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when selecting a location to buy a home:


1. Is it close to my workplace?

You’ll be travelling to work every single day in the foreseeable future, so convenience is quite important – that said, if your workplace is in the centre of the city, real estate prices will be quite high! In addition, the city centre will be saturated with properties and will not see much price appreciation in the future.


2. If not, can I commute easily to work?

Your need not live 5 minutes from your workplace, but you should ensure that you’ll enjoy a relatively smooth commute everyday. Check for arterial roads, flyovers and such that connect you to places of need like your office.


3. What’s the social infrastructure like here?

Upcoming social infrastructure is a sign of a neighbourhood that’s soon to prosper. Hospitals, retails centres, grocery stores, malls, multiplexes, etc. are sure-shot signs of a neighbourhood that is or will be high in demand.


4. Does it have enough greenery?

The city centre is often a concrete jungle – not the ideal environment for a young family. Opt for a location with some open spaces, greenery and conveniences for everyone at home!


5. Will it appreciate in value?

Why is it important to you that there is high demand for the location you select? Because high demand means the price will stay on the rise in the coming years. This will increase your property’s value. Years from now, you’ll be living in a real estate hot spot!


If you’re looking for a home that matches all these parametres, explore Ganga Niwas – 1 BHK ready possession apartments for sale in Dhanori, Pune.


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