Why West Pune is Generating High Demand From Residential Investors?

Pune, the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra is a booming hub for residential projects in Pune. With the vast number of Industries and businesses situating their head offices in Pune, a wide range of options have grown in all parts of the city. With a consistent track record of delivering outstanding ROI’s for residential buyers and investors alike, the demand for Pune’s real estate market has witnessed a significant rise in the last decade.

The handsome ROI’s returned by Pune’s residential projects, make NRI’s and reputed investors invest their money here. However, the ROI depends on which locality you are trying to invest.

Though the city is witnessing fairly a uniform amount of growth, Western-Pune has the upper hand for Residential Investors. Western Pune is the preferred corridor for most residential projects rather than other parts of the city.

The primary growth factor is the Mumbai-Pune express highway. This highway led many industries and businesses to situate their headquarters in Western Pune. In recent years, Pune and Mumbai had a lot of capital exchange and investment, this led to the rapid growth of the Western Side of Pune.

The other factor which led to the exponential growth of this part of the city is that major I.T. parks of the city namely Hinjewadi, Baner, Aundh surround the vicinity. At the same time, it is super connected to Pune’s Industrial areas like Chakan, Talegaon, and PCMC. Despite the mass commercial investment, Western Pune also a habitat of nature’s beauty.

The combination of these factors has led investors to build some of the premium residential projects of Pune in this area. Investors, not only from Pune and Mumbai but other parts of Maharashtra are also showing interest to invest in Western Pune.

If you are planning to buy a 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat in Pune, this blog will tell you why Western Pune is the best choice.

The whole city of Pune is growing at a rapid rate but at the western side has proposed Pune metro, better infrastructure construction and wide options of new residential projects, the investors are turning their heads towards western side of the city.


Affordability is the biggest factor while buying a home. Residential projects in Pune western is far more affordable than other parts of the city. This portion of the city is attracting the most prominent real estate developers of Pune city and hence flats with good amenities are available at low prices. With new projects lining up in this part of the city, the appreciation rates are going to be highly positive. The portion is well planned by city corporation and invites professionals from various parts of Maharashtra. The wide budget option ranging from the most basic 2 BHK flats to most prominent luxurious residential projects makes this area attractive for a larger section of society.

Rate of Appreciation

The strategic location of the Pune-Mumbai highway has attracted a lot of reputed residential projects to this area. Also, the commercial, entertainment and cultural hub of this part of the city are booming. As a result, the appreciation rates in this area is going to be amazing. It is said that the real estate construction of West Pune is reaching saturation point and hence many real estate developers are trying to get their projects sanctioned in this area and the construction activity has gained momentum.

Connectivity and Infrastructural Development

A decade ago, a large part of Pune city was underdeveloped and Pune central was the only location people could invest. But with urbanization, Pune expanded its territory on the western and eastern side.

But western Pune took a steady grip and developed itself rapidly than other parts of Pune. Housing major I.T. parks, this ara attracts a lot of professionals and the demand for 2 Bhk and 3 BHK flats in this part of Pune have skyrocketed. These residential projects are complemented with great connectivity and modern infrastructure.

The biggest advantage of Western Pune is that it is systematically planned as compared to other parts of the city, which still faces some infrastructural issues like traffic congestion, water shortage, etc.


Currently, Pune is the most vibrant real estate market. Real estate developers in Pune are proposing new plans to accommodate the ever-increasing demand from the population spill. Investors prefer West Pune over other parts of the city since they find it an exciting investment opportunity.

This area is also witnessing a steady increase in the employment opportunities generated by the technology and manufacturing industries. Major premium Residential projects of Pune are planned in this area.

So if you plan to buy a 2 BHK or 3 BHK residential property, Western Pune should be your preferred option. With several government policies and infrastructural developments happening in this region, the residential home market will surely surge in the next few years.


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