Things to consider while moving during Pandemic


Are you moving during pandemic? It’s not an easy task to follow all precautions against COVID 19 while you are packing, working with movers, and combining households. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while shifting in this uncertain time.

Stock up on disinfectants, wipes, and sanitizers

It’s necessary to keep your hygiene in check regularly as it cannot be compromised at this point. Ensure that you are stocked up with hand sanitizers, disinfectants, wipes, and masks as you plan to move. Keep it handy.

Sanitize your boxes timely

Spray disinfectant on all your boxes and sanitize them before you load them on the pickup truck and after you finally take them off at your final destination. It will reduce the risk of contraction through surfaces.

Make sure everyone wears a mask

Right from your family members to the driver to your own self, make sure everyone wears a face mask that is clean and covers their nose and mouth properly. Make sure that you carry extra ones with you just in case of an emergency. Masks have proven to really help reduce the risk of contraction of the coronavirus by curbing sneeze, cough droplets, or even droplets while speaking and breathing.

Safe Zones

Before shifting, ensure that the place you are planning to move to is not a containment zone and also that it does not have a containment zone too close. Do your research and find out about the density of cases in the area you’re planning to shift to before moving. Move only to zones where it is relatively safer and proper precautionary measures are being carried out.

Go Digital

In this digital world, you can complete most of your procedures digitally. Take a virtual tour of the place and complete most of your paperwork digitally. Try to avoid physical contact with too many people and carry out most of your meetings through phone calls. Clear your doubts and ask for all the terms and conditions to be sent to you digitally. Prefer using digital modes of payment over cash for any transaction. Thanks to technology, this won’t be much of a task and will make your move-in process easier and safer.

If you are planning to move during the pandemic make sure you follow all the social distancing norms and have a safe shifting experience!


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