How to deep clean your bathroom to keep it fresh and clean


A bathroom that smells nice and is sparkling clean and shining is something that every human being, even one with the least insistence on aesthetics, sanitation, or tidiness would welcome. A clean and tidy bathroom is a mirror of your personality, your take on hygiene, and is a reflection of your civic sense. It helps you to become likable as there is hardly a soul who would wish to go to someone’s place to pay a visit and find themselves being in the uncomfortable situation of having to use an unclean, unkempt, or foul-smelling bathroom.

For all those who would like to evade such a situation and would wish to have a sparkling clean and hygienic bathroom, here are some useful hacks and tricks to clean your bathroom.

Find a perfect solution to clean your bathroom

In place of the oft used toilet cleaner, we can resort to using some unconventional solutions at home too. A good example of a nice and useful homemade solution is a mixture of equal parts of Soda bicarbonate and white vinegar. It needs to be spread evenly around the toilet using a toilet brush and requires to stay for at least 15 minutes. The space beneath the rim also should be cleaned. After 15 to 20 minutes, a good scrub is required to get the desired sparkle and cleanliness of the toilet.

The many benefits of Citric Acid

Bathroom fittings can look dull and lackluster due to stale water spots. The best solution for this is by scrubbing them with a lemon. The acid in lemons removes all the stains and makes your taps and other bathroom fittings appear brand new. Soda bicarbonate can also be used to remove these spots. The way to use it is by wetting an old toothbrush and sprinkling some soda bicarbonate on it. Then scrub the fitting with the toothbrush, let it stay for about 10 minutes, and then rinse it to get the brightly shining fittings. Some other citric fruits like grapefruit can also be used. The method is to cut the fruit in half and sprinkle it with some salt and scrub it on the scaly and dull fittings. This can be used to clean even the bigger fittings like the bathtub. This hack is not only environmentally friendly but also very low cost and economical.

The problem of “Limescale” needs to be scaled.

One thing that is sure to make your bathroom look dreary, drab, and dull is limescale. This combined with deposits is sure to give your entire bathroom an unkempt and untidy look. The solution to this problem lies with distilled vinegar. All that we need to do is fill a plastic bag with it and immerse whichever fixture needs to be cleaned in the solution. If they can be removed and dipped into the solution, then that too can be done. The fixture needs to be soaked in the distilled vinegar for an hour to get that shine on them. For excessive limescale deposits, an added spoonful of soda bicarbonate can also be added as an additional measure. This hack unclogs the fixtures and eases the flow of water through them. This is also one of the most efficient and economical bathroom cleaning hacks.

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Cleaning the walls

Usually, the only thing making the bathroom walls dirty is water spots and grime. The tiny spaces between the tiles known as grouts tend to collect dust. A grout cleaner is all that is required to clean it. Here again, Soda bicarbonate sprinkled on a toothbrush or diluted vinegar comes to the rescue. Wash them away with water after a good scrub and Voila! Your walls are as good as new.

Wiping the bathroom floor

As with every other room of the house, the floor of the bathroom needs proper attention. After cleaning all the overhead and other fittings, we come to the floor. It should be left to be cleaned last, as that way all the dirt that falls down while cleaning the fittings can be wiped clean in the end. In order to clean the floor tiles, we may use a wire brush and a grout cleaner. An equal-part mixture of water and vinegar or soda bicarbonate can be used for this purpose. Scrubbing it well and then washing it with water can do the trick of giving you a squeaky clean bathroom floor.

It doesn’t take a lot to achieve a sparkling clean and fresh-smelling bathroom. Just some smart hacks are all that is required. In addition, throw in some wet wipes, scented candles, potpourri, an aromatic hand wash, and oils to make your bathroom shine.


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