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Many individuals choose an apartment lifestyle, in which they may live in the city while being easily accessible to work, shopping malls, and other amenities. It’s not just about the location, but also about the benefits that people get from living in an apartment. Parking is one of the most significant benefits of living in an apartment. Parking spaces in the basement are a great benefit to homeowners since they eliminate the need to look for a parking spot. These lots are typically designated after flat numbers, which makes parking simple and convenient. But that’s not the end of it; everything has rules, and automobile parking is no exception. Let’s dive into the rules and regulations suggested by Mr. Anurag Goel, the director of operations at Goel Ganga Developments, i.e., under Indian law.

The significance of Apartment Parking Rules

Car parking is a major problem for prospective homeowners, particularly in high-rise structures. Problems might emerge in the absence of defined parking restrictions, leading to resident conflicts. Parking ordinances, enforced by a management committee incorporated under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, are in place to assist residents with parking concerns. The RERA Act of 2016 covers flat parking regulations in India.Each state’s Development Control Regulations compel builders to provide parking, although the provisions may vary.

Bye Law No. 78(a) Policy for allotment of parking slots

The society must, in the General Body meeting, construct and adopt parking rules to govern the parking spaces, in line with the Act and the Rules thereunder.

Bye Law No. 78(b)

The Committee will allocate parking space on the basis of “First Come, First Served” for available parking places. However, the member is not permitted to sell or transfer the parking slot given by the society.

Bye Law No. 78(c) Restriction of Parking Slots

No member shall be authorised to use more parking places than those officially granted by the society.

Bye Law No. 79. Marking of Parking slots

Where spaces for parking have been put up or open space in the society’s compound is available for automobile parking, the society must number and mark the stilts and/or open area such that no trouble is caused to any of the society’s. The Committee shall ensure that the Members use the space for the purpose for which it was assigned to them.

Bye Law No. 80. Eligibility for allotment of parking slots

Members who own a car will be eligible for a parking space. Normally, no member is entitled to more than one parking space. The cars may be his own or those given to him by his employer, the firm in which he is a partner, or the corporation in which he is a director. If any parking spots remain unallotted due to a lack of applications, extra parking slots may be assigned to members who already have a slot given to them in the usual way. Additional parking spaces will be allocated on a year-to-year basis, unless they are requested by other members who have not been allotted even one parking place.

Bye Law No. 81. If more eligible members and fewer parking slots

If the number of eligible members for parking slots exceeds the number of available parking slots, the Managing Committee will award parking spaces on an annual basis using a fair and transparent method in accordance with the General Body laws.

Bye Law No. 82. Applications for allotment of parking slot

If a member wishes to have a parking space, he or she may submit an application to the society’s secretary, including the relevant information. The Secretary and the Society’s Committee will follow the procedure outlined in Bye-Law No. 64 for application disposal.

Bye Law No 83. Payment of charges for parking of vehicles

Every member is required to pay parking charges for the number of slots given to him/her. The rates are determined by the General Body of the Society at its meeting, regardless of whether or not he parks his car.

Bye Law No. 84: Parking of other vehicles

Every Member who owns a scooter, a motorcycle, or an autorickshaw must acquire prior permission from the Committee before parking his vehicle in the Society’s complex and pay the fees determined by the Society’s General Body at its meeting.

Goel Ganga Developments follows all rules and regulations to ensure that residents may live comfortably in our respective houses and flats. We prioritise resident happiness by handling all grievances and offering a pleasant, convenient, and enjoyable living environment.


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