5 Reasons to Invest in Ready Possession Homes

Instant gratification ranks high on most buyers’ list – which makes them prefer completed projects and ready-possession homes as opposed to those under construction. Besides, you enjoy the luxury of moving in immediately and making arrangements as per your personal taste.


1. Cost of the home –

Since real estate has gone through a slow phase in the past, developers have been experiencing lower sales and turnover. This has led them to offer more discounts, deals and freebies on ready-possession homes to get inventory moving. The benefits you receive in such homes are greater.


2. Cost of rentals –

People generally take loans to buy a home and have to keep paying EMIs and rentals till the project is completed. Investing in a ready-to-move-in home gives them the option of earning rent from the property instead.


3. What you see is what you get –

You can conduct a thorough recce because everything in and around the flat is ready. Your potential neighbours can give you feedback and advice regarding the locality, maintenance, utility centres and more.


4. Security –

Since the real estate sector has witnessed a widened trust deficit between buyers and developers, it is safest for you to invest in a ready-possession home. It provides the stability and security you’re looking for.


5. Uncertainty of meeting deadlines

Unfortunately, Indian real estate developers have gained notoriety for not being able to deliver projects on time. The longer the delay, the more the financial burden on a buyer. He ends up paying more EMIs and bearing several other expenses. Hence, investing in a ready project is the safest move to make.


Speaking of ready-to-move-in projects, Goel Ganga Developers, one of Pune’s most trusted real estate groups, offers ready-possession 1 & 2 BHK homes in Undri, Pune. Come home to the assurance of a secure and sensible investment!


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