This Is Why Millennials Are Interested In Real Estate

Millennials are conquering the world – literally and otherwise. In India and globally, millennials comprise a significant percentage of the population and are steadily shaping up as the leaders of the world. Interestingly, people in this age bracket are also taking more interest in financial planning and home owning than their parents’ generation did.


Here are some reasons why:


1. Millennials want to invest wisely: Millennials are receiving some of the fattest paychecks in the working population. For obvious reasons, millennials want to invest their money wisely. And real estate is the time-tested option for wise investment.


2. Millennials want to invest in something tangible: While investing in the stock market has its own allure, it is often not an option that millennials want to consider. Investing in a home or office space accrues the benefit of owning something that can actually be put to great use.


3. Real estate happens to be the best place to invest: The real estate sector has witnessed a significant boom in recent times. With the implementation of reforms such as the GST, real estate shows the promise of steady growth in India. Millennials want high and secure returns on their investment, so real estate becomes the obvious choice.


4. They want to stop paying rent: With the IT boom, millennials often relocate to cities such as Pune. But, like everyone else, they don’t want their rent to become a financial drain. They, too, dream of owning their own home or office space. And there’s no better time and place to invest now, in Pune.


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