The Revolution Of Indian Luxury Real Estate

Luxury Homes

With the return to regular economic activity, the market for luxury real estate has experienced a significant rebound. The onset of the pandemic has altered homebuyers’ tastes. The need for larger living spaces has increased as their home serves as a safety net. One of the leading causes of the rise in demand for luxury real estate is this. The safety and security of a housing complex, together with more green spaces and other amenities that offer a quality of life, are reasons why people prefer luxury homes—in addition, choosing a luxury real estate project over a traditional one as an asset is a superior choice. Its value increases with time, and it also gives the investor a fantastic rental opportunity.

The pandemic was a wake-up call, too, as we saw an increase in NRI investments, motivated not just by financial considerations but also by sentiment and the security of owning a property in their motherland. Several start-up unicorns call India home, and at the same time, there is an increasing HNI and UHNI population that is willing to invest in luxury real estate.

Thanks to technology, the gap between property purchasers and developers has also been significantly narrowed. Today’s developers arrange virtual tours, digital property inspections, document processing, paperwork completion, and online property purchases without requiring in-person visits. This has led to the seamless process of luxury homes purchase in today’s hybrid environment.

A question arises as to why we need to invest in Luxury Housing.

Falling Rupee Value:

NRIs now have a rare opportunity to invest in real estate properties thanks to the rupee’s declining value against the dollar. In a recent Anarock-CII poll, real estate investors from NRIs reported investing in luxury real estate properties at a rate of 47%.

Competitive Property Prices:

Because residential real estate is still recovering, purchasers are well-positioned to negotiate a decent deal. Most developers provide investors with pricing alternatives to move-ready but unsold inventory.

High Rental Yield:

Although more expensive than other types of real estate, luxury homes in India have good rental yields for investors.

Like other residential sectors that have slowly recovered from the epidemic, the luxurious property for sale in India now provides prospective buyers with value for their money. Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, and even Hyderabad record high-end luxury housing transactions with excellent offtake on 3–4 Crore ticket sizes.

Millennials who are digital savvy and people who appreciate excellent living make up the sector of investors in luxury homes. The three main priorities of individuals are sustainability, aesthetically pleasing interiors, and multipurpose spaces.

Additionally, they desire more environmentally friendly areas, facilities, and entertainment options nearby that promote their physical and emotional wellbeing. They are selective about the name they want affiliated with, the goods’ caliber, and the address they want to be connected to. This situation has unquestionably benefited reputable, financially sound developers like Goel Ganga.

Ms.Gunjan Goel, Director at Goel Ganga Development, says, “Homebuyers nowadays are interested in a comprehensive living experience that puts sustainability and welfare at the forefront. In keeping with this, real estate developers have concentrated on creating multi-functional spaces with designated workspaces, quiet zones, and relaxation areas. Attention to places that might significantly affect one’s well-being is essential, such as enough lighting, proper ventilation, and green space. There has been rising interest in lap pools and leisure pools in a luxury property.”

Goel Ganga Developments aims to give its consumers the best luxury housing with high-class amenities like a gymnasium, barbecue pit, senior citizen sit-out, yoga decks, play areas, and party lawns in its upcoming premium residential projects in Pune at Dhanori, Kharadi, Baner, Bavdhan and more. It also has many commercial and educational projects across the town. Get your living space revolutionized with ultra-luxurious homes of Goel Ganga Developers.



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