Top 10 Design Pieces All Luxury Homes Should Have

The way in which you choose to decorate your home says a lot about your personality. Here are the top 10 design pieces you should look to install in your home to have it reflect elegance and luxury.

1.  A framed mirror:

A mirror that has been framed elegant and placed strategically on the wall instantly adds a touch of luxury to the home.

2.  Folding screens:

Folding screens in the living room are a tasteful way to add elegance and dimension to your home.

3.  A console table:

A console table in the entryway adds a sophisticated edge to your home décor.

4.  Floor lamps:

If you want your home to be synonymous with luxury, then you absolutely can’t wrong with the diffused light and elegance of floor lamps.

5.  A coffee table:

An elegant coffee table in the centre of your living room is a must-have furniture item in every luxury home.

6.  A luxurious couch:

A couch is yet another a must-have in your living room. Be sure to pick out a plush design with a minimalist edge.

7.  A chandelier:

Chandeliers are the ultimate décor statement for luxury homes. Think about installing at least one in the living room.

8.  An elegant bookcase:

There’s nothing quite as chic as decorating your space with books. A tall and minimalist bookcase works perfectly for that.

9.  Side tables:

Spruce up your living room with various side tables that allow you to display your vases and antiques.

10.  A dressing table:

A vintage dressing table instantly adds a touch of luxury to the bedroom and can double up as an excellent storage unit.

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