Which floor you should opt for in a high-rise buildings?

It is often a task for many homebuyers as to which floor is the best for their dream home. The
population of India is rising and various cities are now growing vertically to accommodate the growing number remains limited. Hence, real estate developers in the country are rapidly developing high-rise buildings, both in luxury and affordable categories, to reach out to a large number of home buyers across different income groups.

The major benefit that the high-rise towers offer their residents is a respite from the traffic noise and pollution of the city. So, if you are considering investing in a high-rise tower, but are confused about which floor would be ideal for you, here are a few tips to help you arrive at the right decision.

Great Rental returns

The lower floors command greater rental returns since residents generally have an affinity for staying closer to the ground. If you are buying a property for an investment purpose, the ground floor is the best floor in a high-rise buildings for you.

Sense of Privacy

Lower floors are often congested and might not offer much privacy. If you love solitude and wish to avoid any kind of unwanted intrusion, a higher floor might your best bet.

Natural lighting

As the height of the tower increases so does the natural lighting and ventilation. Buying a home on the higher floors means better light and breeze, and lower electricity expenses.

Cityscape View

It goes without saying that higher floors offer a better view of the city’s skyline, especially if the tower is located close to a scenic place. If it is important for you, then opt for higher floors. Homebuyers often choose higher floors in a building due to the mesmerizing views.​ The vantage from the windows and balconies of the homes on the higher floors often determine their price. Beach views, hill views, and pool views are some of the luxuries occupants of high-rise apartments can enjoy. If the view matters to you, then choose higher floors for your dream home.

high-rise building-balcony-view

Energy consumption

As you go higher, the power consumption increases. It is so because you need to run your air-conditioners (AC) for a longer time during summers. Also, drawing water using motor pumps could be another heavy power consumption task.


Since it is easier for anti-social elements to break into lower or sub-level apartments, ground floors pose a comparatively increased crime risk. Overall, it also depends on the structure of high-rise buildings and the security measures adopted by the management of your residential society.

Floor plans

A high-rise home doesn’t mean you compromise on the fundamentals. However high up you go, a beautiful home should have a good floor plan; ensure that you make no compromises on that.

Easy access

For most of us, waiting for the elevator can be time-consuming. If you choose to live on the ground floor or sub-floors, you can comfortably take the stairs and it won’t be a hefty task.

Consider your family

It is always advisable if your home is on a lower floor with children and elderly parents around. Apart from the safety concerns, it also adds to the convenience factor. In addition to this, if you or someone in your family suffers from mobility impairment or has the fear of height, you should prefer living closer to the ground.

Various factors are responsible for pointing you towards the right decision of owning a home on the right floor in a high-rise tower. Consider these factors before you make the move!


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