5 Factors That Influence Property Appreciation

Real estate can make for a highly lucrative investment option, especially when you’re familiar with the factors that influence the value of a property. The real estate market is a dynamic one, and there are many factors that determine its functioning. Homebuyers and property owners are always on the lookout for projects that are likely to appreciate, so here’s a list of some of the factors that influence property appreciation.


1. Infrastructural development:

The infrastructural development of an area has a direct positive impact on the value of the property. As the roads, public transport systems and other civic amenities like schools, hospitals, and commercial hubs continue to develop, the property prices in the area will steadily appreciate.


2. The locality/neighbourhood:

The accessibility, safety and other key features of the locality enable the real estate in the area to appreciate at a reasonable rate. If the locality is known for its greenery, a scenic view or proximity to coveted destinations, then the property in the region is sure to appreciate well.


3. The builder’s reputation:

The real estate developer’s reputation plays an important role in determining the value of the property. A trusted developer guarantees quality construction, on-time delivery and efficient and transparent processes, which increases the demand for the property and influences value appreciation.


4. Home loan rates:

As the interest rates on home loans drop, the demand for property increases. This has a direct impact on its value appreciation.


5. The dynamics of the property:

Finally, but also very important, the many features of the property itself impact its prospects for appreciation. Corner homes and properties that receive ample sunlight appreciate well. Homes that are Vaastu-compliant and are equipped with modern amenities also appreciate steadily.


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