Tips to choose between Marble and Granite

Marble and Granite

Being two of the most admired surfacing, it’s a never-ending debate on choosing between Marble and Granite. Both the surfacing are mostly used for flooring, wall cladding and countertops. Even though both are natural stones, they contain different properties. Here are a few tips to choose the best between Marble and Granite as per the requirements of your home.

Marble VS Granite, comparative analysis


• If we talk about the material composition, Marble is made of calcium carbonate, and it’s a natural metamorphic crystalline rock.
• As marble is a pure form, its appearance is sugary. Also, marble contains different minerals, including quartz, graphite, pyrite, and iron oxides which give it pink, brown, grey, green, or variegated colouration.
• As compared to Granite, Marble requires high maintenance due to its soft and glowing lustre characteristics. It demands re-polishing every few years to last long.
• Acidic spills like lime juice or vinegar, even wine and oil spills can cause stains on Marble stone. It can also absorb turmeric or food colour during cooking. Marble stone is required to be polished and sealed if used for kitchen purposes.


• Granite is composed mostly of quartz and feldspar, and it’s a natural igneous rock. quartz, graphite, pyrite, and iron oxides.
• Granite’s appearance is familiar as mottled pink, white, grey, and black ornamental stone. One of the main minerals in Granite is mica, which occurs in silvery muscovite or dark biotite.
• Granites do not require re-polishing or sealing to retain. Granite is more non-porous and durable than Marble. Any sort of stain or spill does not discolour the Granite easily.

Which one is the best pick for you?

It’s a tough choice when it comes to Marble and Granite, but there are a few factors one needs to keep in mind. It depends on the purpose of the stone, who’s going to be the main consumer, how careful and carefree the user is and most importantly which stone fits perfectly with your dream home.

As per your budget

Marble is more expensive as compared to Granite, some of the famous stones are Calcutta and Emperador Marbles. Though the price differs as per your preference and quantity required. But some of the rare Granite stones like Van Gogh’s can be expensive due to their highly desirable appearance.

As per your requirements

Requirements of natural stones can differ as per personal choices. But, Granite is mostly preferred over Marble stone when it comes to countertops, specifically kitchen countertops due to the high maintenance which is needed for Marble. And when it comes to flooring, Italian Marbles are a high-end choice for luxurious homes, because it adds richness to the interior.

As per the appearance

Marble gives a rich and classy look to the house whereas Granite provides more of an aesthetic appearance. There’s a wide range of colours available in both stones, but it depends on your preferences and colour palette based on your decor and furniture.

Decor Idea

Pick the right stone for your home wisely, as there’s a wide range in both stones which allows both the stones to add a versatile touch to your decor. Marble stone which gives a classy and rich look to your interior can be used for cosy decor. And Granite stones which provide an authentic touch to your home can be used for aesthetic decor.


If you wish to be particularistic about your natural stone floor, purchase at least 15 to 20 per cent material additional to your calculations. Since the stones are natural, there are chances of obvious differences in the grains and colours between different batches. So, it’s always a better option to purchase in bulk.


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