The winter season is on the wane, and it’s time for us to brace ourselves for the warm and cheerful summer months.


Here are some summer-friendly décor tips to get your home ready for the changing season:


1.     Outdoor lounge furniture: From a relaxing sunbed to a hammock, patio sectional and swinging furniture, spruce up your outdoor spaces with furniture that lets you relax, unwind and make the most of the charming weather.

2.     Sheer drapes and blackout blinds: To keep the temperatures within the home under control, especially during the peak summer months, invest in blackout blinds. For the cooler and breezier parts, you may want to have sheer drapes alongside.

3.     Summer greens: Nothing spells the summer season better than some refreshing indoor plants and freshly picked summer flowers. Make the greens and the flowers an intrinsic part of your summer décor scheme.

4.     Floral wallpapers: A quick and easy way to instantly bring home the summer vibe is to install floral wallpapers in soft, pastel colours. These are easy on the eye and promote a relaxed and cheerful vibe in the home.

5.     Vibrant furnishings: Throw in a pop of colour into the décor scheme of your home with vibrant cushion covers, rugs and upholstery.

6.     Light bed linen: In your bedroom, you could look to switch up the bed linen. Cotton and linen sheets, lightweight summer blankets in vivid colours and buckwheat pillows make for an inviting bed in the summer months.


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