The balcony of your home can serve as one of the most refreshing places that you can step out into every time you need to unwind and relax. And when it comes to your balcony, size really doesn’t matter. There’s still a lot that you can do with the limited balcony space to make it a place where you will love to spend your time.


Here are some décor tips for small balcony spaces:


1. Hang up your plants: Instead of placing potted plants and flowers on your balcony floor, you can hang them up from either the ceiling or the wall or against the railing. This helps keep the floor area free, which can be used for seating and other purposes.


2. Use a chest for storage and seating: Place a chest or a trunk in the balcony that doubles up as a storage unit and also works as a seating option. You can place colourful cushions on the trunk to add character and to make it more comfortable.


3. Opt for foldable furniture: There are many kinds of wicker and wooden chairs and tables that make for ideal balcony furniture. These lightweight pieces of furniture are also available as foldable units, which gives your balcony the much-needed flexibility.


4. Make it all about the seating: Balcony seating doesn’t necessarily have to mean furniture. Doing as much as placing a comfortable mattress over a rug and topping it up with a bunch of cushions can serve as a makeshift or a permanent seating arrangement for your balcony. Place the greens along the sides or hang up them and enjoy the perfect outdoor experience.


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