When you move into a new home, one of the first things that you should attend to is the safety and security of the home. There are many kinds of threats that a home is prone to—such as theft, burglary and weather-related damage, and a comprehensive approach to home security can take care of all these issues.


Here are 7 ways to make your home secure:


1. Install a home security system: An automated home security system allows you to remotely control the locks, lights and other appliances in your home and gives you real-time updates on what’s going on inside even while you’re away.


2. Install lights on the outside: Make sure that your front and rear entrances are well lit, and the balcony and/or garden is also equipped with proper lights that remain switched on throughout the night.


3. Secure the doors with proper locks: Installing proper locks on all the doors—in addition to the main door—is a must. If these locks can be controlled through your home security system, then that’s even better.


4. Keep the windows locked: While you’re securing the doors in the house, make sure to secure the windows as well. All the windows must have properly functional locks.


5. Install metal grills wherever required: You may want to install metal grills on the main door, balcony door and the windows of the house, for an added level of security.


6. Eliminate any hiding places around the house: If your main entrance is shrouded by lots of bushes and shrubs, you may want to trim those down so as to eliminate any hiding places on the outside.


7. Sign up for home insurance: Home insurance is a non-negotiable part of the home buying process. It protects your home against a range of threats, including weather-relate damage, theft, burglary and other kinds of mishaps.


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