7 Pocket-Friendly Decor Tips That Make Your Home Look Grand

Let’s bust the popular myth that you need a big bank balance to transform your home into a luxury abode! All you need is a few smart ideas and a little will power to make your living space ooze luxury in every corner. Take note of the following pointers:


#1: Declutter your space

Remember, luxury homes are simple and classic. They don’t have unnecessary items cluttering their space. So, get rid of items you no longer need and make room, literally, for the useful ones to create a spacious living space.


#2: Install mirrors

Did you know, mirrors create an illusion of a bigger living space? They expand your sight, thereby, making your house look miles larger than it really is.


#3: Replace kitchen cabinet handles

Rid your kitchen of cheap material, and bring home lavish antique handles that are easy to install, and instantly make the kitchen look rich. They’re pocket-friendly, and lend a classy feel to your entire kitchen.


#4: Place antiques across corners

The simplest secret to enrich your living space is to decorate it with metallic antique decorations. Place antique vases, animal idols, cups, and glasses at various corners to give your home a feeling of sophisticated luxury.


#5: Bring the forest inside

Long, tall plants create a sense of natural grandeur that nothing can beat! Combine your antique décor with a bunch of luxe green plants to not just enhance the look of your home, but also mke way for fresher air!


#6: Hang art

Art says it all! Now, go to a flea market and get a few expensive looking paintings that match the colour theme of your walls. Hang them in various sizes – both big and small – and see how they transform your interiors into a luxury living space.


#7: Mix different textures 

Unfold layers of thoughtful materials and textures that bring a feel of customization to your house. For instance, mix a variety of textiles and leather items on your cushions and drapes to make the place look more inviting and exclusive to your personality.


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