Pune and its Optimistic Real Estate Market

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra, and is also considered to be the cultural capital of the state. Famed across India for being the unrivaled host of a majority of multi-national IT companies and industries, Pune attracts a huge number of young crowd. The city is rich in providing opportunities to its residents. People from all over India flock to Pune in the pursuit of success.

One of the most appealing factors of this city is its pleasant climate that is prevalent all year round. No wonder, more and more people prefer to settle down in the city. The good and advanced infrastructure of the city is an added bonus to the privileged living conditions. These are some of the primary reasons why real estate demand in the city is high. Pune seems to have a better rate of capital value appreciation than any other metro city. A survey reported that Pune has the highest average appreciation in the high-end properties segment in the last three years (2011–2014), and second highest appreciation rate in the mid-segment properties. In the mid-segment, Pune recorded an appreciation rate of 28 percent.

Pune is undoubtedly a worthy investment city. It is also a preferred investment place for NRIs. The city has now become a hotbed for NRI investments. A market research report states that nearly 49% of NRIs are planning to make an investment into real estate in India. Pune ranks as one of the most preferred cities for investment. According to some developers, NRI investments in Pune have witnessed a 250% increase in the past few months.


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